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We believe the law is an honorable profession, bringing with it a special responsibility not only to our clients but to our communities and to ourselves. We are a team of attorneys and advisors practicing in 18 offices in 17 markets throughout the southern United States, including: Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Birmingham, Alabama; Columbia, South Carolina; Houston, Texas; Jackson, Mississippi; Mobile, Alabama; Memphis, Tennessee; Nashville, Tennessee; New Orleans, Louisiana; Jacksonville, Florida; Sarasota, Florida; St. Petersburg, Florida; Tampa, Florida; and Washington, DC. We focus on Regulatory and Litigation Services, Transactions and Corporate Advisory Services, Governmental Relations, Labor and Employment, Intellectual Property and Health Care. In fact, we provide legal services in every field except criminal and domestic law. We have Fortune 500 clients, those just starting out, and all sizes in between.

According to our prior summer associates, many of whom are now our associates and partners, our programs are superior for the quantity and quality of real work assignments provided to law students. We also get consistently good marks for creating a healthy mix of work and social activities; one we believe reflects the balance we try to strike as working professionals. We know you are not looking for summer camp but rather insight into the real life of a big firm, and we do our best to give you a feel for us as we really are.

Working with experienced litigators, specialists and transactional lawyers, students gain hands-on experience in the courtroom and in the boardroom. They meet with clients. They collaborate on all aspects of assigned cases. We do our best to get you out of your office and into court, to a deposition, to a trial, an inspection, an expert meeting, a document production, a closing, or any other of the myriad of activities that make the job of a lawyer so interesting.

Thank you for your interest in our firm. We hope you find these pages informative. If you are interested in a career in one of our markets, then we would like to hear from you.