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From the early stages of invention through the patenting, sales and distribution of a winning product and through the trials and tribulations of government regulation, Adams and Reese attorneys cover various facets and the complete processes of manufacturing law in multiple economic systems.

The Manufacturing Law Center estimates manufacturers face legal costs of $865 billion every year, and therefore, our attorneys constantly stay atop the latest legal stories and topics within the manufacturing industry to help clients be efficient in their legal costs.

Adams and Reese attorneys offer comprehensive counsel to inventors and manufacturers at any stage as well as IP enforcement and protections against potential liabilities. We have represented thousands of claims and sought creative resolutions to preserve the brand, future revenues and business interests of our clients.

Our Attorneys

The strength of our team is our ability to handle problems within many different facets, sparing our clients the time and expense of having to coordinate between multiple firms. We are focused on results and getting the work done efficiently by drawing from the breadth of our corporate practice areas. We create relationships where clients know they can call us back with questions, use our knowledge to avoid legal problems, and see us as a true business partner. We strive to eliminate liabilities before they arise.  

We serve as regional and national counsel for pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, oil and gas distribution, computer software and hardware and multiple dealers and franchisees. We understand the value of products in numerous industries and how strategic IP protections and contract language can help businesses avoid unnecessary liabilities, claims or restrictions.

As technologies have progressed, manufacturers across multiple industries have installed the latest upgrades within their processing systems, and regulations, across local, state and federal guidelines, have also adjusted and become more complex for our clients. We help clients understand those regulations and work up internal company policies to follow those new commercial law rules set in place.

Core Practice and Clients

Some of our representative clients include manufacturers and distributors of automotive and agricultural products, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and medical devices, heavy equipment, construction and HVAC products, industrial machinery, maritime vessels and related products as well as various household and consumer goods such as tobacco and power tools. We practice primarily in the areas of:

Transactions: representing U.S. based and foreign manufacturers and distributors in the development of markets, strategic partnerships, financing, compliance, labor and related negotiations. We also support tax, estate and succession planning.

IP Protection and Enforcement: providing comprehensive strategy for patent searches, copyright registration, trademark clearance searches, evaluation, selection and licensing with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. We also represent clients in discovery of IP infringement within the U.S. and abroad.

Complex and Class Action Litigation: defending multi-district litigation, complex/class action claims and mass tort litigation while preserving production, trade secrets and reputation.

Dealer/Franchise Litigation: handling complex, multi-party suits and simple matters with the same dedication to our clients’ business concerns.

Products Liability: representing clients before the Consumer Product Safety Commission with extensive experience in complex class action litigation.

Consolidations and Mergers: helping sellers structure even the most challenging transactions, including those where the seller is self-financing or the buyer is based abroad.

Labor and Employment Issues: working with dealers, manufacturers and others on the gamut of labor and employment issues that arise in your businesses. Adams and Reese has a thorough Labor and Employment Team that interfaces seamlessly with the attorneys who know your industry.  

For start up manufacturers, our corporate attorneys advise emerging companies concerning formation and business development, early stage financing and strategic relationships. In later stages, tax lawyers and corporate attorneys offer counsel from tax planning and executive compensation to mergers & acquisitions and corporate governance issues.

At Adams and Reese you will find lawyers who care about your success, whether we’re helping you face and manage difficult issues or structuring the deals that grow your business.