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Mark L. Gaines

Special Counsel
Government Relations

Mark Gaines joined Adams and Reese in 2007 and serves as Special Counsel on the Government Relations team. He lobbies at the local, state and federal level and assists corporate clients with regulatory, legislative and executive challenges. Prior to joining the firm, Mark served as Probate Judge for Jefferson County and was elected to four terms in the Alabama House of Representatives.

For nearly two decades, Mark was in private practice concentrating in the areas of real estate, probate, wills, trusts and business entities. His is very active in key business groups and industry associations and has helped raise the firm’s visibility in the business community.

His other significant contributions include:

  • Past service on various legislative committees including the Judiciary Committee, Banking Committee, Chair of the Business and Labor Committee, Commerce Committee, Committee on Boards and Commissions. He also served as the Minority Leader of the House and Chair of the House Republican Caucus.
  • Raising the visibility of the firm with local, state and federal elected officials through his representation of prominent industry interests and corporations. He has developed long-term personal and professional relationships with important decision makers at every level of government.
  • Guiding business, financial, healthcare and pharmaceutical clients through difficult regulatory and legislative challenges.
  • Building political coalitions to achieve client objectives through keen knowledge of the political landscape.

Mark has managed, consulted or counseled dozens of political campaigns and grassroots efforts, including United States Senate, Governor, judicial races, state legislative races and ballot initiatives.

Among the people he most admires is his father, who taught him to be honest and forthright in business, the legal profession and his political relationships “even when it’s painful.”

In his free time, he and his wife enjoy attending their children’s football games, baseball games and show choir performances. During hunting season, the family heads to their hunting club in southern Alabama. Mark also enjoys hunting, fishing, Auburn University football and playing the guitar. He prefers history books, especially military history.