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"The Legal Toolbox #103: Do I Have To Pay For Training?" - IE3 Business Intelligence for Professional Contractors, author: Brooke Duncan, October 1, 2014
"Is Your Company Ready for the Millennial Shift?", author: Adams and Reese Partner Laurie Young, published by JD Supra and Law.com
"Circuit Courts' Split Over Major ACA Issue Will Impact Employers," authors: Kathryn Gilchrist and Allison Jones, Memphis Medical Society Quarterly, Fall 2014
"Consent is a Process, Not a Piece of Paper: Practical Advice for Documenting Conflict Waivers" - Loss Prevention Journal, author: Adams and Reese attorney: Lucian Pera, Attorneys' Liability Assurance Society, Inc., Volume XXV, Number 2, Summer 2014
"CMS is Pumping the Brakes on its Recovery Audit Contractors," article by Adams and Reese attorney Hal B. (Wells) Johnson, The Memphis Medical Society Quarterly, Summer 2014
"From Defender to Defendant: Excess Insurers Targeting Primary Insurers' Defense Counsel for Professional Malpractice," authors: Adams and Reese attorneys Christina Adcock and Neal Townsend, Alabama Defense Lawyers Association Journal, Spring 2014, Volume 30, No. 1
"Dischargeability of Student Loan Debt in Bankruptcy," authors: Adams and Reese attorneys Tara Nauful and Dawn Hardesty, May 22, 2014
"Latest Rules & Regulations for Employers," author: Adams and Reese attorney Brooke Duncan, published on IE3
"Tennessee Fair Report Privilege Shields Fox Affiliate from Defamation Claims" - Media Law Resource Center Newsletter, authors: Adams and Reese attorneys Ben Fox, Lucian Pera, May 2014

Construction Subcontracting: A Comprehensive Practical and Legal Guide, co-author of chapter: Adams and Reese attorney Jim Dickson, book published by the ABA Forum on the Construction Industry. The book discusses numerous issues that arise between the many parties in a typical construction project from the perspective of a subcontractor or a party dealing with subcontractors. Dickson’s chapter focuses on payment issues under contract terms, statutory rights and practical considerations.