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"Second DCA Rejects Use Of Amended Refund Policy By Golf Course Country Club" - White Paper, author: Adams and Reese attorney David L. Boyette, May 17, 2016
Adams and Reese has published the Spring 2016 issue of its “Women Out In Front” Newsletter, highlighting the achievements, awards, recognition, and professional/community involvement of its women attorneys. Adams and Reese women attorneys continue to make a difference in the firm’s 15 communities throughout its regional footprint and beyond.
"After Campbell-Ewald v. Gomez, Can a Complete Settlement Offer Moot a Potential Class Action?" - Washington Legal Foundation, author: Adams and Reese attorney Christopher A. Roach, April 2016
In the most recent chapter of the Rosenberg involuntary bankruptcy, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals has held that when a case “arising under” the Bankruptcy Code is tried by the District Court, the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure govern. Rosenberg v. DVI Receivables XIV, LLC, No. 14-14620 (11th Cir. April 8, 2016).
Houston Special Counsel John D. Surma and Partner Collin G. Warren authored a piece titled “Considerations When Preparing for an OSHA Interview,” which appeared in the April 8, 2016 issue of the DRI newsletter, The Voice of the Defense Bar. In the piece, the two offer 16 general considerations that should be considered when preparing company employees for interaction with OSHA.
Special Counsel, Leslie A. Wickes, with the Jacksonville office of Adams and Reese, authored “Lost ESI – What Does New FRCP 37 Mean For You?” appearing in the 2016 1st Quarter Newsletter of the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) North Florida Chapter.
Memphis Special Counsel Shawn D. Sentilles authored "Implementing a Royalty Review Program: Safe Practices for Medical Device Manufacturers and Design Surgeons" for the Spring 2016 edition of Memphis Medical Society Quarterly.
Special Counsel Susan Mack, with the Jacksonville office of Adams and Reese, authored “The Sunset and Commutations Clauses,” originally appearing in the 2015 Volume 22 of the Journal of Reinsurance, a publication of the Intermediaries & Reinsurance Underwriters Association.

Partner Jeffrey C. Smith with the Memphis office of Adams and Reese authored “Legal Briefs: Tennessee Supreme Court Reverses Course and Jettisons – Unworkable Summary Judgment Standard” appearing in the winter 2016 edition of The Memphis Medical Society Quarterly.