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Reber M. Boult

Member, Executive Committee
Intellectual Property

Reber “Mitch” Boult is a Partner in the Firm's Nashville office. He counsels multi-national corporations on intellectual property matters and is particularly skilled in developing strategies for monetizing and enforcing IP rights on a global basis.

Mitch has served as lead advisor on branding campaigns throughout Asia, Europe and North America; establishing licensing and franchising networks for United States corporations in Europe and Asia; and multi-jurisdictional IP litigation. He has extensive experience guiding US corporations as they extend their brands into new markets and in suggesting practical and cost-effective strategies for doing so. As the challenges of regulatory compliance have proliferated, he advises clients on E-commerce and data privacy issues, including the lamented United States EU Safe Harbor, and similar topics.

Mitch and the team have more than 6,000 trademarks under management and regularly devise commercial and legal strategies for driving brand value, increasing brand strength, and decreasing the cost of global trademark portfolios.

In addition to advising United States corporations, Mitch and his team represent well-known brands from Asia, Europe, and South America in the United States.

Mitch also has deep experience in domain name disputes and in proceedings before the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and is known for creative approaches and improbable results.