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Stacy Harvie

Government Affairs Advisor
Government Relations

Stacy Harvie joined Adams and Reese in 2006 and is a Government Affairs Advisor with the Government Relations team. She works with federal entities and other public policy makers to protect and promote her clients' interests. Stacy’s work includes researching, evaluating and forecasting the possible impact of policy proposals and providing a proactive solution to her clients, including those in the education, energy and agricultural industries. Additionally, she assists in the management of the federal appropriations process.

Her other significant contributions include:

  • Having a clear understanding of the federal process with a supporting knowledge of education and energy policy.
  • Being resourceful when identifying the proper legislative mechanism to achieve a client’s federal goals.
  • Experience in evaluating and managing potential policy opportunities or concerns for clients and then crafting a strategic solution.

Prior to joining Adams and Reese, Stacy worked for the Louisiana State University System - Division of Federal Affairs in Washington, DC In this position she gained a working knowledge of the federal budget, appropriations and legislative processes which she applies to assist clients. Stacy received her Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communications from Louisiana State University in 2003.

In her free time, Stacy enjoys traveling, reading and various volunteer projects.

Disclaimer: Stacy Harvie is not licensed to practice law

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