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Adams and Reese litigation attorney David Boyette was mentioned in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune’s coverage on May 21 and May 22 on the hotly, contested litigation case concerning the 14-acre former Sarasota Quay property that had been in litigation for 21 months, after a $1 billion proposed project fell apart when developers were unable to stay current on the mortgage. Boyette represented lender Anglo Irish Bank Corp. in the case.

The foreclosure case was settled mid-trial, paving the way to finally sell the bayfront tract for future development. Irish Bank Resolution Corp., the successor to lender Anglo-Irish Bank, reached a settlement with the two groups that claimed to have unrecorded mortgages and liens on the site. The Quay property, between the Hyatt Regency and Ritz-Carlton hotels, is considered one of the most potentially lucrative waterfront tracts in Southwest Florida.

At Adams and Reese, Boyette practices in business litigation, real estate litigation, construction litigation, ad valerom tax litigation and trusts and estate litigation. He is Board Certified by The Florida Bar as a specialist in business litigation.