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Adams and Reese Partner Jeff Richardson was interviewed in a New Orleans CityBusiness article, “The Skinny on the iPad Mini for Attorneys,” published on the newspaper’s web site on December 14th.

Richardson is a fan of what the smaller device can do for lawyers specifically when they need to read lengthy documents.

Writing on his blog iPhone J.D., Richardson said the mini’s thinness and lightness – half the weight of a full-sized iPad – means “you’ll be able to hold the iPad mini in your hand for a considerably longer time when reading before experiencing any discomfort in your hand and arm.”

He says female attorneys will appreciate “that the iPad mini fits in smaller purses that could not hold an iPad, and if you have a large pocket in a jacket, the iPad mini just might fit.”

Lawyers reviewing the latest gadget released by Apple – the junior-sized iPad mini – are focusing on its size, shape, weight and usability, elements of what tech-geeks call its “form factor.” The device boasts the same technology and uses as a regular-sized iPad but can fit in one hand, with a display that’s only 7.9 inches.

For the second consecutive year in 2012, Richardson’s iPhone J.D. blog was selected the No. 1 Legal Tech Blog by the ABA Journal editors and more than 4,000 readers in the 2011 ABA Journal Blawg 100. This was the third consecutive year in which Richardson’s blog was ranked among the Top 100 Blogs by the ABA Journal Law News in its ABA Journal Blawg 100.

Richardson, who practices in the Adams and Reese New Orleans office, launched the blog to explore lawyerly uses for the iPhone, which he describes in his bio as the “perfect handheld device” he’s been searching for since the late 1980s. Richardson has served as an adjunct professor at Tulane University, teaching “Computers and the Law.”

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