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Adams and Reese attorneys and staff volunteered at the Boys Hope Girls Hope of Baton Rouge site on Calais Avenue on Saturday, June 15th, for a “Picnic Table Project” to build picnic tables with several of the scholars to use for their summer outdoor activities and also teach them some craftsmanship on how to assemble picnic tables.

Volunteers from Adams and Reese included attorneys Bob Schmidt and Scott Levy, and employees, Stephanie Marshall and Tina Marshall.  

“We split into two teams and had a friendly competition to see who could build their picnic table first, and not only did everyone have fun, but the boys learned some new skills and it was a huge success,” said Tina Marshall, one of the Adams and Reese coordinators of the event.

Boys Hope Girls Hope of Baton Rouge is a member of the Adams and Reese employee volunteer program, HUGS (Hope, Understanding, Giving, and Support), which for 25 years has devoted financial resources and thousands of volunteer hours to more than 200 community service organizations nationwide.

Adams and Reese has scheduled a “Back to School” event with BHGH where employees will travel with the scholars to a water park, then host a BBQ grill for them and donate backpacks with school supplies for the new school year.

Adams and Reese hosts quarterly events with the Boys Hope Girls Hope chapter in Baton Rouge. Other events in the past have included the “Bowl for Hope” event at Circle Bowl; Laser Tag and Luncheon; and Pizza and XBox night.  This year also was the inaugural BHGH Scholars versus Adams and Reese Basketball Tournament, where several attorneys, staff members and family members, met up on the basketball court for a friendly, yet competitive basketball tournament.

Boys Hope Girls Hope helps academically capable and motivated children-in-need to meet their full potential and become men and women for others by providing value-centered, family-like homes, opportunities and education through college.