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Attorney Jaimmé Collins Chairs Successful “Children’s Hero Awards”


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Adams and Reese attorney Jaimmé Collins, who serves as a board member of The Children’s Bureau of New Orleans, chaired a successful and the inaugural “Children’s Hero Awards,” held at the “wedding cake” house or at the home of Frances and Calvin Fayard on St. Charles Avenue on Friday, October 25th. Several photos and a story of the event were featured on and The Times-Picayune web site.

Liberty Bank served as the title sponsor for the event.

Adams and Reese Partner Liz Roussel, who also serves as a board member of The Children’s Bureau, helped organize the ceremony.

Honorees included Dr. Karen DeSalvo, Norman Francis, Dr. Stephen Hales, Cathy Harris, the Hon. Calvin Johnson, Michael Lewis, Charles Rice, Sally-Ann Roberts, Norma Jane Sabiston, Alison Salloum, Jackie Curtis Silverman (who was unable to attend) and Warner Williams. For the award itself, the committee decided to do something unique: They had artist Damion Hunter create one-of-a-kind portraits of each honoree.

The Children’s Bureau of New Orleans is a mental health agency that aims to improve the quality of life for children and families through programs that enhance and strengthen mental health and wellness. The honorees were chosen to recognize their contributions towards this goal.