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In an article published in CISO MAG’s summer issue, David Katz discusses the important role of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and how they can position themselves to be successful in their organizations.

“The modern-day CISO should be viewed and equipped like a five-star general responsible for leading a coalition of capable and technologically advanced war fighters against a determined enemy bent on the destruction of our economic and national security,” David states.

A CISO is responsible for the security of an organization’s data and information but, since its inception, the role has also evolved into a decision-making role. The role now involves a unique skillset combining both technical and business operations.

“The resulting outcome is that in many instances the success of business operations from a security perspective are dependent on those technical operations overseen by the CISO. These unique responsibilities are not shared or governed by any other individual business owner within the organization,” David explains.

The combination of technical, communication, emotional and social intelligence and political skills are all required of the individuals in order to be successful, and the unique position has quickly become key within the management team of organizations.

“A CISO must view themselves as both a technical expert but also a polished corporate executive capable of navigating the challenges of the most complex business problems and communicating their solutions clearly while obtaining support from their ultimate business owners,” David concludes.