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David Katz will participate in a panel discussion, "Cybersecurity for CEOs," at The Presidents' Forum of Houston on October 10. 

David's panel discussion aims to help CEOs answer cybersecurity questions to assess cyber readiness, including:

  1. What is my first step if I want to develop a cybersecurity program/initiative/strategy?
  2. I have a firewall, an antivirus and a good backup, should I still be worried?
  3. Should I allocate a budget to my cybersecurity needs and what percentage of my IT budget should it be?
  4. What IT security measures/policies should we put in place and who should be in charge?

The Presidents' Forum is the premier educational and networking event of The Entrepreneurship Institute and is held annually throughout the country. The forum will bring together CEOs, founders, presidents and partners from various industries and disciplines to share knowledge, generate ideas and make valuable connections.