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Hurricane Ida Updates:

Cybersecurity and data privacy/management attorney David Katz has joined the National Technology Security Coalition’s (NTSC) Policy Council, comprised of leading cyber attorneys, policy experts and NTSC member companies’ government affairs professionals who advise the Board of Directors on CISO-related cybersecurity policy issues.

“When my clients encounter a cybersecurity threat, I help them with assessing, containing and mitigating the incident, complying with their legal and compliance obligations, managing the legal and regulatory response, reestablishing normal operations, and resuming business as usual as soon as possible,” said David.

“I also provide privacy and security due diligence reviews for companies during mergers and acquisitions and share advice concerning the legal and regulatory considerations for transactions involving the processing of data in such contexts. My experience in these areas have led me to appreciate the importance of national cybersecurity policy that aligns well with businesses. An organization like the National Technology Security Coalition is helping create that alignment by supporting laws, regulations, and policies that involve the CISO’s perspective and better protect businesses, consumers, and national security. I am honored to join the NTSC Policy Council with such distinguished national policy experts and look forward to contributing my knowledge and experience to help the NTSC's mission.”

“David’s data privacy law and policy experience is extremely deep, and we need people like him to help the NTSC navigate 2019 as the United States enters uncharted territory with its attempts at data privacy legislation and regulation in the wake of GDPR and various data scandals,” said Patrick Gaul, Executive Director of the NTSC.

“David is an expert at helping businesses with internal policies and compliance procedures, employee and consumer education strategies, implementation of auditing and monitoring controls, reviews of disciplinary and enforcement activities, and risk assessments. He also has experience in drafting consumer-facing privacy and mobile application privacy policies and complex data sharing and data protection agreements between corporate entities. As the NTSC Policy Council continues to educate and guide our Board of Directors, David is an essential person to bring on board for guidance and insights about how national data privacy policy will impact businesses going forward. We are happy to have David as part of our NTSC Policy Council.”

The NTSC Policy Council considers cybersecurity issues as they pertain to the role of the CISO and submits advocacy recommendations to the NTSC Board for review and approval. Working closely with the NTSC’s advocacy efforts, the Policy Council also keeps the Board informed about important details, trends, and updates related to national cybersecurity law and policy.