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On Saturday, August 10th, Adams and Reese employees showcased their green thumbs as they spent the early morning hours gardening as part of a HUGS initiative to renovate and beautify the edible school yard at New Orleans’ Samuel J. Green Charter School. It was a chance for Adams and Reese to spruce up the garden before students returned to school on Monday, August 12th.

Volunteers included: Katie Wollfarth (HUGS Coordinator), Nadine and Buddy Pinell, Teresa Lauga, Sandy Heaslip and her stepson Christopher Haylock, Mercedes Lacy, Becky Darby and her friend, Mary Bostick. The gardening jobs included cutting down and clearing corn stalk gardens, cleaning fence lines and cleaning the brick patio and walk way to dispose of the weeds between the bricks.

Founded in 2006, Edible Schoolyard New Orleans (ESYNOLA) changes the way children eat, learn, and live at five FirstLine public charter schools in New Orleans. Their mission is to improve the long-term well being of our students, families, and school community, by integrating hands-on organic gardening and seasonal cooking into the school curriculum, culture, and cafeteria programs. It involves students and the school community in growing, harvesting, preparing and enjoying food together as a means of awakening their senses, cultivating an environment that promotes a sense of pride and responsibility for our land and natural resources, and developing a love of fresh, seasonal foods.  

Edible Schoolyard New Orleans is a member of the Adams and Reese employee volunteer program, HUGS (Hope, Understanding, Giving, and Support), which for 25 years has devoted financial resources and thousands of volunteer hours to more than 200 community service organizations nationwide.