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“Overview of Special Master Appointments in Louisiana State and Federal Court” article appeared in the October/November Louisiana State Bar Journal 2015. The article addresses the rise in class actions, mass torts and multi-district litigation and that the need for special master services has increased. These large and complex cases put an enormous burden on courts and their limited resources. Special master roles can vary widely from case to case depending on the size and complexity of the litigation and the needs of the particular judge and counsel involved. Special masters can assist the court with specific, limited tasks, such as case management issues, pretrial discovery or settlement medication and administration or they can remain involved in all aspects of the case through trial and post-trial, including making recommendations, proposed orders and reports to the judge and assisting with substantive case issues. The article was written by Adams and Reese Partners Lara E. White and William B. (Billy) Gaudet with Thomas Keasler Foutz, president and co-founder of ADR Inc.