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Hurricane Ida Updates:

In an article published in TechNewsWorld on March 12, David Katz is quoted discussing the plans for facial recognition technology to be implemented in major U.S. airports by 2021. This “biometric entry-exit system” will be used to verify the identification of all travelers crossing U.S. borders.

This technology has positives and negatives, as it makes identification and protection easier, but there is also the potential for mistakes. "We have to balance the possibility for a false positive or a mistake in identification against the security the technology ultimately provides to the larger population," said David.

This technology is already implemented in 17 international airports, but the U.S. government strives to get the technology in every major airport in the country by 2021.

David explains, "When utilized in collaboration with international law enforcement agencies or in conjunction with other private data sources, [it] has great potential to stop individuals who have been previously identified as bad actors by law enforcement from entering the country."

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