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Session 1 – Starting Your Path Towards Business Development
APRIL 5, 2023

An introduction to the AR Academy Course will walk you through the opportunities you will have to learn a variety of skill sets and resources the firm’s Business Development and Marketing Team can provide as you begin your business development plans. A brief overview of marketing concepts will walk you through how to get started crafting your personal brand and learn some practical steps you can take now to set you on the path for success. The second session concludes with a detailed approach to crafting an effective business development plan relying on short, medium, and long-term goals.

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Session 2 – Establishing, Stewarding, and Enhancing Client Base

What does successful client stewardship and management look like and how can you maximize client development opportunities to meet your clients where they are? This is the question we will address through a targeted approach and best practices when it comes to developing an individualized client development strategy for your relationships. Utilizing coordinated business development habits and organized outreach can increase value to your clients and help steward prospective clients across the line. Learn how client relationship management system, LinkedIn, and our proprietary marketing tools can help elevate your professional brand as well as the story we tell about the firm and our capacities.

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Session 3 – Half-Way Review – Schedule Meeting with BDM/Mentor to Review and Discuss Plan
JUNE – Partner Retreat

At the June Partner and Special Counsel Retreat, we will have several sessions on Business Development and Marketing, as well as opportunities to meet with Team and PGL leadership and your BDM to review your mid-year goals for client development. We encourage you to sit down with mentors and members of our business development team to see how we can further connect you with the resources at the firm and put you in the best position to succeed to the end of the year and beyond.

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Session 4 – Marketing Tools and Content Marketing
The Adams and Reese Marketing and Communications Team can help execute your business development strategy with a host of well-curated tools to place your brand ahead of the right market. Understanding how the tools, ranging from thought-pieces and client alerts, to social media and presentations, can be powerful ways for you to get your name and reputation out. Amanda Sulcer, the Director of Marketing and Communications, will walk you through how each of these resources can be utilized and what you can start doing now to enhance your professional brand.

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Session 5 – Enhancing Professional Network and Identifying Emerging Opportunities

Sometimes new business comes from the most unexpected places. By expanding your personal and professional networks in unique ways you avail yourself of communities in your orbit who can see you as a legal resource and advocate. In this session, we will also discuss how to identify emerging industry and trends in your industry, capitalizing on these to open new avenues of business through speaking opportunities and thought leadership, and we will provide best practices in both areas.

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Session 6 – End of the Year – Review and Event Time
Presenters: Lindsey Word and Guests

Tips and tricks on how to utilize events to your benefit, whether you are an outgoing socialite or a quiet introvert. There are strategies for everyone to approach networking events, holiday events, and community gatherings to make them work for you. Networking does not have to be what you think it is. End of the year is the time for self-reflection and evaluation, we will be joined by leadership to discuss how associates should consider self-evaluations this year and what you should think about moving forward in understanding the path to leadership opportunities and capital partnership.

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