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My goal is to always be seen by our clients as a dedicated and effective advocate for their interests both large and small. I want them to feel like no detail of their mission has been overlooked. I love being able to connect our clients’ interests and policy goals with the right people and getting to work creating common understandings and mutually beneficial outcomes.

Kayla Seawell comes to Adams and Reese with a background in political consulting, campaign management, and political fundraising. Having worked on dozens of political campaigns, from federal to state and local elections, for a variety of different clients, she knows Alabama’s government and legislature well.

She has established relationships with federal, state, and local elected officials, as well as activists and community leaders. These ties allow her to effectively communicate clients’ interests and policy goals in a way that drives results.

Kayla offers a wide range of skills and services to government relations clients, from campaign strategy, event planning, research, and data management, to professional communications. She also coordinates grassroots digital marketing efforts, including social media management, to further clients’ interests in online communities.

Her wealth of political and institutional knowledge gives her an understanding of the complex relationships across local, state and federal governments and how to navigate issues for clients as an effective and thoughtful government relations professional. She is an asset to clients in Alabama who are seeking effective advocacy at the state and federal levels.

Disclaimer: Kayla Seawell is not licensed to practice law.


  • University of Mississippi, M.A., 2016, Political Science
  • Wesleyan College, B.A., 2013, Political Science; International Relations

The Role of Partisanship in Selecting Ideal Communities, Electronic Theses and Dissertations, The University of Mississippi, 2016