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We are looking for people who bring an infusion of energy, enthusiasm and compassion to everything they do. If you are searching for a firm that doesn’t just talk about teamwork, but truly fosters it, Adams and Reese is the career choice for you.

Adams and Reese actively seeks talented and committed individuals to join our roster of proven and experienced attorneys and professional staff. With a focus on the highest standard of excellence, we welcome interested candidates to explore employment opportunities across all practice areas, departments and offices – please explore our story, practices and related job postings.

The reason to choose Adams and Reese is the opportunity to successfully collaborate with others across all offices.

Why Adams and Reese?

Consistently voted one of the “best places to work” whenever our employees and attorneys are surveyed by independent, local publications across our offices, Adams and Reese has an excellent reputation as a top employer:

  • A one-firm, truly collaborative attitude and culture with 18 offices strategically located throughout the southern U.S. and Washington, D.C.
  • Regional coverage on client matters, organized by well-run practice groups
  • Transparency that results in lawyers really understanding what’s going on in the firm
  • A reputation among clients for superior client service and always-on accessibility – dedicated to a concierge-level of service
  • A fast-paced partnership track that rewards accountability and independent thinking
  • A strong, practical and targeted training program for new associates

Adams and Reese offers a team environment creating the best results for our clients and our workplace.

Law Students

We view associates as our future partners and leaders of the firm, so we invest in them to make sure they can make the transition from law school to the day-to-day practice of law.

A successful attorney is able to engage and collaborate with individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences. The skills needed to be successful include strong relationships with others, preparation, enthusiasm, innovation and empathy.

Summer associates participate in a six-week program where they are immersed into our culture and authentic law firm work experience.

Each fall, Adams and Reese a select group of second-year law students to join our Summer Associate Program, giving them challenging work, client interaction and real-world mentoring from both peers and seasoned attorneys:

  • Work with successful litigators and transactional lawyers
  • Meet with clients and gain hands-on experience – learn what comprises a successful client relationship
  • Attend depositions, trials, closings and more
  • Have an assigned Peer Mentor and Partner Advisor

The differing perspectives provided a unique opportunity to learn and broaden my experiences.

After law school, associates can count on a strong support system from their mentors and peers for a smooth transition in developing their creative legal skills.

We set realistic expectations for each phase of an attorney’s development and provide transparent feedback, so associates know how they’re doing each step of the way. Our extensive Associate Training Program covers many topics such as:

  • First-year associates: Work organization, firm economics and marketing
  • Second-year associates: More concentrated training in the transactional and litigation practice areas: introduction to pro bono cases
  • Seasoned associates: Continued professional development through the Associate Mentor Program, frequent associate training and lunch-and-learns, and an annual event for associates to network with seasoned lawyers and each other.

Having the opportunity to learn from mentors within the firm has taught me how to communicate better with clients, opponents and the court, as well as how to be flexible and innovative in challenging situations.

A fast-paced partnership track

Associates are introduced to our clients and our matters, and the work is demanding and complex – but it’s also fulfilling. Smart, hard-working, independent thinking attorneys thrive here, and associates may be eligible for partnership consideration after six years of full-time law practice.

Although most of our new Adams and Reese associates are hired from our Summer Associate Program, we welcome other highly qualified candidates who are interested in one of our positions.

Kendra Glazer
Kendra Glazer, Legal Recruiting Manager

Experienced Attorneys

We are always looking for experienced lawyers with a fresh perspective on the practice of law who can further strengthen Adams and Reese. Whether you will help us with the expansion of our existing practice areas or the evolution of new ones, we invite you to get to know us.

Practice groups create opportunities for true collaboration

Adams and Reese is a super-regional firm structured around high-performing practice groups rather than cities. Practice group leaders travel frequently to ensure we offer clients a strong and balanced team. We actively pursue cross-serving clients in a cohesive and collaborative way and give you the resources you need to succeed.

“When I moved to Nashville after working at a large firm in D.C., I assumed I would need to adapt to a more localized practice. I was pleasantly surprised to find an incredibly dynamic, global IP practice at Adams and Reese.”

Intelligent and entrepreneurial attorneys thrive here

Adams and Reese has many important assets that will benefit your practice, including offices strategically located throughout the Southeast U.S. and in Washington, D.C., and a reputation for superior client service. Our clients are industry leaders in healthcare, telecommunications, banking, energy and more.

We also consider lateral attorneys for partnership positions.  Attorneys can be eligible for partnership consideration each year based on eligibility requirements.

If you are an attorney with 5-20 years of experience, we invite you to explore making a move to Adams and Reese – make us your permanent home.

Kendra Glazer   
Kendra Glazer, Legal Recruiting Manager

Professionals and Staff

Year after year, our staff members vote Adams and Reese one of the best places to work in their city. Whenever there’s a “Best Places to Work” survey, we come out on top.

A team approach to everything we do

You won’t find a lot of hierarchy at Adams and Reese – it feels more like family here. When we win a case, everyone gets credit, from the partners to the paralegals and everyone in between. Maybe that’s why our staff members tend to stick around – more than 10 years on average and we have plenty of people here who have been with us for 20, 30 and even 40 years.

“A team environment creates the best results for our clients and our workplace.”

A Culture of Training

We’ve created a safe, positive and professional environment at Adams and Reese with training for every employee in the areas of onboarding and orientation, diversity, respecting others in the workplace, management coaching and technology software to provide a career path to all employees as they strive to reach excellence in their professional and personal development.

A Culture of Giving

HUGS (Hope Understanding Giving Support) is our grassroots volunteer program and it’s pretty simple – if you are passionate about a cause and want to volunteer and encourage others to join you, we support you. Adams and Reese budgets money every year for HUGS requests to honor the causes brought to us by our employees. We want to prove that we care about the people and the communities where we live and work.

Adams and Reese offers staff career opportunities throughout our regional footprint in:
• Administration
• Accounting
• Information Technology
• Legal Assistant
• Paralegal
• Marketing
• Management

Regional Office Contacts

Jennifer Rodriguez


Kristen Viator

Dana Wright

Lucy Caldwell

Dana Gambino

Vickie Neely

Alice Robison

Annette McGee

Sherry Cates

Brooke Ponder

Lisa Weeks

Tellie Settimi

Tellie Settimi

Tellie Settimi