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Helping clients expect the unexpected is part of our job. Our lawyers across multiple disciplines are seasoned counselors who help clients weather any storm, whether it’s a hurricane, ransomware attack or emerging health threat.

Clients rely on Adams and Reese to help them plan for and respond to crisis situations. Because we have guided clients through many significant threats, we know what to expect, how to mobilize resources, and what to do at every stage of a crisis.

Our team is currently focused on helping organizations in light of COVID-19 (coronavirus). View our collection of resources and information.

Thanks to our regional footprint across the Southeast, our team is familiar with a host of natural disasters that can strike, both with advance notice and without warning. Our team members have helped clients with proactive disaster planning for events such as hurricanes, and our experience includes post-natural disaster relief counseling in the event of an unanticipated weather event such as a tornado or flood. We address issues including insurance claims, business interruption, liability, employment issues, and related litigation that may arise following a severe weather event.

Further, our team understands that crisis preparation extends to more than just weather. We bring together lawyers with broad industry and business experience to address modern, emerging threats such as cybersecurity. Today’s businesses rely on secure networks, so we focus on helping companies ensure they are prepared for a data privacy crisis that could take down their systems. In the event of such an incident, our experienced team is available to help respond to threats and attacks. We work with clients to secure and recover data, as well as addressing vulnerabilities in processes and procedures in the hopes of minimizing fallout from these incidents. 

Just as data privacy and cybersecurity are changing the crisis preparedness and response landscape across our increasingly connected world, so is the threat of a global health crisis. Our teams work closely with clients to monitor and address emerging health concerns that threaten to bring business to a grinding halt. In these situations, we help businesses focus on what they can do to prepare ahead of time, if possible, and work with them to ensure they have policies and procedures in place to respond to a pandemic or outbreak should it directly threaten their personnel or operations.

From labor and employment law counsel that helps an organization understand what to do about employee safety to addressing supply chain issues when a health scare is taking place overseas, our team brings composed and thoughtful guidance to clients facing uncertainties and risk.

We are continuing to help our clients and communities handle the growing impact of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. We have mobilized an Adams and Reese COVID-19 Task Force, which is tracking the rapidly changing situation, and we are providing updated resources with current information as it becomes available. The Task Force includes professionals with a wide range of experience across many practice areas that are vital to ensuring our clients receive timely guidance on issues at hand. The information on this page offers a general overview of the issues many companies are facing and our firm’s capabilities. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve you; please do not hesitate to reach out to us for help with any issue you may face. 

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Updates can also be found by following the firm’s pages on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Our YouTube channel contains all the coronavirus-related webinars we have produced to date, and all content is available to stream on demand.