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An Adams and Reese trivia team of attorneys and staff from the law firm’s Birmingham office finished seventh out of 45 teams in the annual Birmingham’s Brightest Company Trivia Competition, which invites companies from the Birmingham region to participate in an evening of trivia to raise money both for Impact Alabama and the winning teams’ selected charities.

The event took place on April 3rd at the Sheraton Birmingham Hotel.

The Adams and Reese team consisted of attorneys Aaron McLeod, Emilie Kraft, Russell Rutherford, Charles Pinckney, JP Sauer (legal assistant) and Ed Stagg (paralegal).

The trivia competition consisted of three nine-question rounds played by all companies in the competition. Questions were presented to the players three at a time. In addition to announcing the questions aloud, each team was given an answer sheet on which the questions were printed.  Questions were also projected onto a big screen at the front of the ballroom. 

Teams had the length of one song (approximately three minutes) to prepare their answers and write them on the answer sheet. Teams were assigned a point value to each of the questions, assigning five points to one question, three points to one question, and one point to one question.  Each question they answered correctly was worth the number of points they assigned to it.