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Adams and Reese Nashville Music Row office client Kerry Vincent, a well-respected Australian sugar artist, will host a new series, "Save My Bakery", on the Food Network Channel, to air every Wednesday night at 7 p.m. central.

Vincent was inducted into the International Cake Exploration Societé Hall of Fame in 2004, and then the Dessert Professional Hall of Fame in 2010. Vincent is the co-founder of the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show and founder of the Grand National Wedding Cake Competition. She has invented unique techniques in sugar-craft, which include the Vincent Marquetry, and movement in stenciled or painted sugar flounces and skirting.

Vincent has lived in the United Kingdom, Mexico, Switzerland, Singapore and Holland — and visited scores of other countries. Vincent is also a successful author, freelance writer, international presenter and wedding-cake-style advisor and designer.

Vincent’s designer cakes have been chosen as exceptional by Brides magazine wedding style editor Maria McBride in the first instance of the Top 50, and then the Top 20 most beautiful cakes in America. Her cake design also was included in Brides' invitational lineup for Cakewalk at Grand Central Station in New York. Her work has inspired complimentary mail from a variety of interesting personalities. They include The Honourable, The Lord Wedgwood; Lady-in-Waiting Phillippa de Pass on behalf of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II; Parisian fashion designer Christian Lacroix; Sheila Lampkin, publishing editor (retired) from Cake Craft and Decoration (UK); and Gilles Renusson, Chairman Emeritus U.S. Pastry Alliance.