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The Adams and Reese labor and employment practice area team held its second annual “Current Trends in Labor and Employment Law” day-long seminar on April 15th at Dickie Brennan’s Steakhouse in New Orleans. The seminar was attended by approximately 100 human resource department professionals, certified public accountants and business owners and executives.

In each session, a brief overview of the area of law was provided, and particular attention was paid to recent court decisions (issued in the past year), and how employers can incorporate the lessons from those decisions into their own business practices. 

Adams and Reese Partners Brooke Duncan and Laurie Young kicked off the seminar with a presentation, “Risk Management from the HR Suite,” highlighting best practices on insurance, hiring, document management, performance reviews and evaluations, corporate culture and training, ADA reasonable accommodation requests, termination and retaliation, and millennials. Adams and Reese Partner Janis van Meerveld then continued the morning portion with, “An FMLA Primer on How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?” and she was followed by a presentation, “HR Audit: Refresher Class in FLSA, Wage Payment Statute, Tip Credits, Independent Contractors, Pre/Post-Liminary Activities, Handbooks, I-9’s, etc,” presented by Adams and Reese Partners Leslie Lanusse and Lauren Tafaro, and Associate Kate Brownlee.

The keynote speaker for the seminar was Greg Rigamer, demographer and political consultant, who presented “Louisiana 2015.”

The program concluded with a presentation on “Recent Developments: What’s New?” – highlighting labor and employment issues such as marijuana, same sex marriage, pregnancy discrimination, religion, harassment, and more. The presentation was delivered by Adams and Reese Partners Greg Rouchell, Liz Roussel, van Meerveld, Lanusse, and Associate Kellen Mathews.

Adams and Reese labor and employment attorneys are admitted to practice at all levels of state, federal and appellate courts, and team members have argued and advocated before the EEOC, the OFCCP, the NLRB, OSHA, the DOL Wage-Hour Administration, as well as various state and local workplace agencies. They possess knowledge of human resources requirements, union and non-union structures and the critical labor policies surrounding compensation, hiring, termination, retention, immigration and mergers and acquisitions.

Adams and Reese attorneys have labor and employment experience in such industries as hospitality, transportation, health care, IP, entertainment, banking, education, energy and maritime.