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Patrick GillespieThe law firm of Adams and Reese has hired Patrick Gillespie, former Florida Department of Management Services Deputy Secretary of Business Operations, to bolster its government relations practice in Tallahassee. Gillespie has been a fixture in the Florida capitol for the last seven years and has spent more than 12 years in various roles in the Process.

“Patrick understands how business gets done in Tallahassee, particularly with a focus on procurement and contracts,” said Herschel Vinyard, Counsel for Adams and Reese in Jacksonville. “He will draw on his experience to help business partners achieve their goals with government. We are excited for him to help bring winning strategies and guidance to a variety of our clients.”

As Deputy Secretary, Patrick led more than 400 employees in the departments of real estate development and management, state purchasing, telecommunications, fleet, and private prison management, while overseeing policy and budget development and engaging legislative leaders about department priorities.

“Patrick's work on the Governor’s senior leadership team underlines his readiness to assist Adams and Reese in demonstrating its strengths in Florida's capital city," remarked Brad Lampley, Adams and Reese Partner and Intersection of Business and Government Practice Group Leader. "His unparalleled knowledge of state-level government operations, policy, and the procurement process in Florida makes him an essential partner for clients looking to do business in the Sunshine State.”

Gillespie has been integral in securing funding for and assisting with design of the State Emergency Operations Center, architectural, structural, systems and access modernizations to the Florida capitol, and other major projects the state has begun in recent years. Throughout the process, he has coordinated with the Speaker’s and President’s offices, as well as cabinet and state agency offices to communicate about construction as well as resolve tenant needs.

Beyond the $900 million in active construction throughout the state, Gillespie has overseen reforms to the state’s procurement strategy, upgrades to the Statewide Law Enforcement Radio System, oversight of the state’s internet backbone, various statewide technology platforms and systems, and has been a point of contact for legislative policy and funding priorities. He led the team that develops and executes statewide contracts used by state and local government for a variety of commodities and services.

“I am excited to lead this practice area and provide clients with guidance and strategy in the often difficult-to-navigate world of public procurement, contracting, and account management,” said Gillespie. “I am grateful for the opportunities offered to me by the State of Florida and I look forward to using my experience in support of businesses and organizations that wish to provide solutions and value to the state.”

Prior to his role as Deputy Secretary in 2019, Gillespie was Senior Director of Special Projects at the Department, leading a variety of IT system implementations, managing high-profile projects, and developing planning for the beginning of construction at the Florida capitol.