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Adams and Reese Artificial Intelligence Team Leader Jin Yoshikawa is featured in a Nashville Business Journal Technology section article, “AI Questions? He's Your Guy. No Rest for Adams and Reese AI Attorney Jin Yoshikawa. Here’s What Clients Are Asking.”

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Yoshikawa discusses how since his undergraduate years at Columbia University, when he studied computer science with a specialty in artificial intelligence, he has followed AI developments to translate to his legal practice and how he is helping clients understand the emergence of the technology and how it impacts their business operations.

“We need to be humble about what we know. … The law is emerging, the technology is also changing,” Yoshikawa said. “We are working with our clients and providing the best advice possible. … We’re not crystal balls, we can’t predict the future, but we can try to make an informed decision that minimizes the risk and maximizes the goals and purposes of our clients.”

Yoshikawa said the use of AI has boomed across the business world, and as AI evolves, more business leaders in Nashville are embracing the technology and figuring out how it can improve efficiency. Questions Yoshikawa deals with regularly are how to manage employee use of AI and the implications if it’s used wrong. Additionally, he’s often asked about the use of AI to discover or invent things along with patenting of AI products. 

The questions he’s asked most frequently by clients include copyright and deep fakes protection. Tennessee has become the first state to enact legislation introducing new safeguards for the voices of songwriters, performers, and celebrities from artificial intelligence and deepfakes. The ELVIS (Ensuring Likeness Voice and Image Security) Act will go into effect on July 1, 2024. 

“Our music clients are asking about what implications the ELVIS Act will have on their businesses,” Yoshikawa said. “Whether they’ll be able to go after some people who they think are infringing their business.”

In a recent article in Managing IP - a global legal and business news website for IP professionals – Yoshikawa explained the Act’s impact on the entertainment industry.

Yoshikawa is a leading member of the Adams and Reese Global IP practice.  He focuses on federal trademark and anti-counterfeiting cases in courts throughout the U.S., trademark cases before the U.S. Trademark Trial and Appeals Board, and other cases involving IP rights. He has years of experience serving diverse and global clients, including multinational pharmaceutical companies, doctors and hospital systems, beverage manufacturers, tech ventures, advertising agencies, and online content providers. Yoshikawa received his Bachelor of Science from Columbia University, studying Computer Science with a specialty in AI. He received his law degree from Vanderbilt University, where he served as the editor in chief of the Vanderbilt Journal of Entertainment & Technology Law and received a Scholastic Excellence Award in Professor Daniel Gervais’s class, Robots, AI & the Law.