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Adams and Reese Partner Gif Thornton, who serves as a board member of the 2015 Andrew Jackson Foundation Board of Trustees, is helping the Board rebrand the Ladies’ Hermitage Association into its new name, Andrew Jackson Foundation. The name change, which takes place after a 125-year history, was featured in a story by The Tennessean, “Big Names Help Hermitage Renew Focus on Andrew Jackson."

The organization also is expanding its board of directors, adding National Public Radio's Mara Liasson and two Pulitzer Prize winners, among others, and renewing a focus on Andrew Jackson and his presidency, his relevance to current politics and on his home.

“Like Mount Vernon and Monticello, The Hermitage is a national treasure,” said Debby Patterson Koch, board regent. “Andrew Jackson's presidency came at a pivotal time for a young America. We are developing new ways to explore his life and presidency at The Hermitage and in the historical discussion.”