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BOOM! The Southeastern Commerce Podcast

November 12, 2019

BOOM! The Southeastern Commerce Podcast brings together regional business, government and legal leaders to discuss what's new and what's next for commerce in the Southeast.

Each episode, you'll hear an in-depth discussion on issues involving trade, economic development, government, business and transportation/logistics. We explore how these drivers shape our unique regional economy, and we explore how trends and changes might affect business operations throughout the Southeast in the years to come.

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Episode List

  • Episode 1: From Port to Airport: New Orleans Economic and Trade Trends
    The inaugural episode of BOOM! The Southeastern Commerce Podcast, features a discussion centered on the infrastructure and economic development in New Orleans. You’ll hear about the city’s job growth, New Orleans’ new airport, the effect of trade wars on the economy and trade, infrastructure challenges and an update on the Public Belt railroad.
  • Episode 2: TechSC and its Plan to Help Grow the Tech Community in South Carolina
    Episode 2 of 
    BOOM! The Southeastern Commerce Podcast takes us to Columbia, South Carolina, where we learn more about South Carolina's statewide initiative aimed at driving technology growth and innovation. You'll hear about how virtually every company has become a technology company, given the amounts of data they store, as well as the inherent cybersecurity risks for all types of companies in today's interconnected world.
  • Episode 3: Looking Above and Ahead: Commercial Drones in the Southeast
    In Episode 3 of BOOM! The Southeastern Commerce Podcast, we take a look above and ahead at the growing use of commercial drones throughout the Southeast. This episode covers how drones are being used today, what types of regulations are in place, what regulatory and public perception hurdles are preventing further adoption of commercial drones and where the drone industry is expected to expand in the future.