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Adams and Reese attorney Taylor Brett has been appointed as a Louisiana representative on the DRI Center for Law and Public Policy’s newly created State Legislation and Rules Task Force.

Brett is the first Louisiana representative to be appointed to the task force. The task force was created to monitor legislative and rulemaking developments at the Louisiana state level and around the state’s tort reform landscape.

The task force will assist, upon request, State and Local Defense Organizations (SLDOs) that are concerned about legislation or rule issues in their respective states. These tasks could include sharing information about the issue from other jurisdictions or weighing in with comments supporting the SLDO positions, and alerting SLDOs of issues arising in one jurisdiction that may spread to others. The task force will also promote the adoption of federal standards, such as the likely changes occurring later this year to FRE 702, in states where appropriate.

Brett is an Associate in the Adams and Reese New Orleans office, with a diverse litigation practice representing clients across multiple industries, predominantly in the energy and natural gas sections. Through his practice, Brett tracks civil litigation-related bills introduced during legislative session and notifies clients of the potential effects of the proposed legislation upon passage.

Brett recently authored “Modernizing Civil Litigation in the Unique Landscape of Louisiana’s State Court System,” published in Louisiana Law Review, and “Another Call to Amend Louisiana Code of Civil Procedure Article 966 to Promote Efficiency, Practicality, and Alignment with the Explicit Purpose of Summary Judgment Procedure,” published in the Loyola Law Review.