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In an article published in the Association of Corporate Counsel’s ACC Docket on December 1, Roy Hadley and George Hanna discuss the increasing importance of the Chief Privacy Officer role.

The article details what to look for in a CPO, the evolution of the CPO role, why it is necessary to appoint a CPO and discusses the impact data breaches have on companies.

“Given the increased collection, storage, and usage of data on customers and consumers, many companies have hired a CPO to help them understand, protect, and use data to further their business interests as well as to ensure compliance with their legal and regulatory responsibilities,” the authors state.

With increased data breaches and misuse of personal data, companies are more susceptible to damaging issues that could affect their brand. “Due to the evolving complexities and realities of why and how we collect, store, and use data, CPOs have moved from being a luxury to a necessity for most companies,” Roy and George explain.