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Trent CotneyAdams and Reese Construction Team Co-Leader and Partner Trent Cotney had his article “Construction Law: FM Approval” published in Architectural West Magazine.

The FM Approved certification mark on a product indicates approval from Factory Mutual (FM), an international leader in third-party testing. 

“FM tests and approves property loss prevention products to ensure they work effectively and consistently,” writes Cotney. “The certification mark shows that the products meet the highest standards for performance and technical integrity. FM evaluates and certifies products such as building materials, roofing assemblies, wall assemblies, fire protection and detection equipment, smoke detection devices, electrical equipment, and hazardous location equipment. Builders and contractors around the world rely on stringent loss protection product testing and certification standards to ensure quality and safety. When they use these products and adhere to these standards, they will experience fewer losses.”

Cotney discusses the difference between FM Approval and UL (Underwriter Laboratories) Approval; the benefits of FM Approvals; the steps for certification; how to request from the manufacturer; proposal issue and authorization; review and testing; approval reports; and audits.

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