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Trent CotneyAdams and Reese Partner and Construction Team Co-Leader Trent Cotney had his article “Protecting Your Job Sites During Hurricane Season” published in the November 2023 issue of Florida Roofing Magazine, a publication produced by the FRSA.

"In August, Hurricane Idalia made landfall in Florida and caused serious damage to parts of the Gulf Coast. Although its wrath could have been worse, it serves as a reminder that hurricane season is still in full swing and we must be prepared for future storm systems,” writes Cotney. “As you watch the weather forecast, be sure to follow these steps to secure your sites and safeguard your ongoing projects.”

Cotney serves as General Counsel of the FRSA (Florida Roofing and Sheet Metal Contractors Association, Inc.), an association of roofing, sheet metal and air conditioning contractors and industry-related companies including manufacturers, suppliers, manufacturers’ representatives, roofing consultants and others.

In the article, Cotney discusses what businesses and individuals should do before the storm, such as monitor the weather, have a plan, secure job sites, stock up on emergency supplies, back up data, and assess insurance; during the storm; and after the storm.

“Once you have your hurricane plan in place, be sure to review and update it every year,” writes Cotney. “Discuss the plan with your workers and ensure that everyone understands their roles. If a hurricane is headed your way, prioritize the safety of your job sites and your team. Your customers and your workers are depending on you.”