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Trent CotneyAdams and Reese Construction Team Co-Leader and Partner Trent Cotney was interviewed by RoofersCoffeeShop multimedia manager Megan Ellsworth in an interview on “Essential Precautions to Take with Cyber Security.”

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Cotney says that changing your passwords and getting a cybersecurity consultant is key to protecting your company’s data. Cotney also discusses the benefits of cyber insurance and the growing sophistication of hackers.

“The hackers these days, they walk by with this device. They can just walk right by you and pick up all your information. It's not from the actual chip that's in the card, but there's another chip that's in there that sends this information,” Cotney said.

“I was watching this podcast … they said, six out of 10 times, I'm going to grab your information. So it's stunning, for every measure that we figure out, they're already ahead of us as far as countermeasures. It just requires constant vigilance and really limiting who has access to what, the more chances there are that bad guys can get to it.”