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Adams and Reese Nashville Music Row Partner and Ordinary Hero Foundation Board Member Linda Edell Howard is featured in this month's Ordinary Hero Newsletter in the OH Spotlight column. 

The article says: "Linda is inspired by Kelly Putty, her family and everyone that serves Ordinary Hero's mission. She felt compelled to support Ordinary Hero to help others. The idea of helping to change the world "for one" (at a time) motivates her everyday and made it an easy decision to join the Board and commit her time."

Ordinary Hero is an advocacy organization that partners with impoverished communities, advocates for the vulnerable, and empowers ordinary people to change the life of a child.

At Adams and Reese, Howard serves as the Entertainment and New Media Team Leader and has almost 30 years of experience in the areas of entertainment, new media and technology, and domestic and international intellectual property law. Her pro bono work includes work for Ordinary Hero and the legendary ragtime pianist Johnny Maddox for the placement of his historically significant sheet music and recorded music collection.