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The Adams and Reese Jackson office held its annual HUGS “Shoes That Fit” Drive and donated shoes and socks to 37 students of Luther Branson Elementary in Madison County as employees donated shoes, book bags, socks and school supplies to students in need.

The mission of the “Shoes That Fit” school drives that take place across the nation is to provide students with much-needed new shoes so that they can go to school in comfort and with dignity and focus on their studies rather than their circumstances.

Luther Branson Elementary is one of the more than 200 organizations that the Adams and Reese employee volunteer program, also known as HUGS (Hope, Understanding, Giving and Support), donates thousands of hours and untold dollars to offer communities “hands on” activities and assistance to those less fortunate. Whether in the form of special events or participation in agency-sponsored fundraisers, Adams and Reese employees and attorneys are known throughout the region and the nation for their community action.