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Adams and Reese Jacksonville office attorneys Angela Grewal and James Floyd volunteered at a Jacksonville Area Legal Aid Advance Directives for Seniors event, at the PSI Mandarin Center, on July 18, to help senior citizens prepare advance directive documents. The JALA holds quarterly pro bono events for attorneys to help people in legal need.

"Thank you for taking time out to assist our residents here at PSI Mandarin Center," said the Service Coordinator, Lisa Langton, at the most recently served HUD residential facility. "Many of them are saying they feel so much better since putting those items in place. It's all about stability and peace of mind for some of our most vulnerable. Pro bono assistance makes it possible."

Adams and Reese has long been a partner of this event through JALA. Attorneys Jamie Olinto and Susan Mack are signed up for the next event in October. Attorneys create and execute advance directive documents for low-income seniors.  These documents include wills, powers of attorney, designations of heath care surrogates, and designations of pre-need guardian. Grewal was recognized for her service at one of the previous events in the Jacksonville Daily Record.

"It wasn't long after hearing about the "Advance Directives for Seniors" pro bono events, that Adams and Reese attorneys began stepping up to the plate," said Kathy Para, Director of JALA. "In many cases, without the assistance of a pro bono attorney, many low-income seniors would be without these critically important documents."

Since 1937, JALA has banded together attorneys to provide legal services to those who could not otherwise afford them. JALA is a non-profit law firm of 35 attorneys specializing in providing civil legal assistance to low-income and special-needs individuals and groups. JALA has three offices in Northeast Florida: Downtown Jacksonville, St. Augustine, and Green Cove Springs (inside of the Clay County Courthouse).