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Adams and Reese Government Affairs Advisor Laura DiBella was a special guest on “Port Perspectives” with the International Association of Maritime and Port Executives (IAMPE).

DiBella was interviewed by Capt. Jeff Monroe (MM, AMPE), the IAMPE Director of Education and Standards. With a unique start in the maritime industry and extensive economic development experience, DiBella discussed her career path, her new venture with Adams and Reese, the challenges she’s faced, and overall keys to her success.

The IAMPE is a nonprofit association that develops and maintains professional standards in the maritime industry by cultivating a membership network of port professionals across North America and by providing a standardized education program to certify port professionals and pave the way for long term professional development.

At Adams and Reese, DiBella is a Government Affairs Advisor in the law firm’s Intersection of Business and Government (IBG) Practice. She works in the firm’s Tallahassee office. DiBella was Florida’s first female Secretary of Commerce. She was also the former FloridaCommerce President of Business Development and Enterprise Florida President/CEO.

DiBella is a certified maritime port executive, the former Florida Harbor Pilots Association Executive Director, and Fernandina Ocean Highway and Port Authority Port Director. DiBella also has an aviation industry pedigree, serving as Chair of the Aerospace Alliance. In her economic development role with the state, DiBella recruited global aerospace and defense companies to Florida, along with those in the niche eVTOL aircraft industry. 

DiBella began her role with Adams and Reese in February 2024. She brings more than 25 years of experience in economic development and government relations strategy, lobbying for clients at the legislative and executive branches with knowledge of state and local government processes, and assisting them in site selection, recruitment, and retention project assistance. Across the nation, DiBella works with domestic and international businesses looking to maximize their investment opportunities.