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Adams and Reese Jacksonville Special Counsel Susan Mack was appointed as Vice President and a director on the Board of Uptown Civitan, an executive women’s service club (the original Civitan Club originated in Birmingham, Alabama in 1917). Mack was also installed as a director on the Board of Seamark Ranch, a Greater Jacksonville-based residential and educational facility for children.

Practicing law since 1982, including a 25-year career as General Counsel of insurance and reinsurance entities in both the life/health and property/casualty sectors, Mack focuses primarily upon resolution of sophisticated insurance and reinsurance disputes. Noted for her experience in insurance and reinsurance arbitration, she was one of the founders of ARIAS-US, the premier organization for insurance and reinsurance alternative dispute resolution. From ARIAS-US, she holds the baseline certification as arbitrator and the advanced credential of certified umpire. She is also a qualified mediator with ARIAS -US. She is credentialed as a commercial arbitrator by the American Arbitration Society.

Maintaining close ties to the Jacksonville corporate counsel community, Mack is a co-founder and past President of the North Florida Chapter of the Association of Corporate Counsel. In the community, she is a member of Jacksonville Women’s Network. As to the insurance industry, she is the former Chair of the American Counsel of Life Insurers’ Reinsurance Committee as well as the co-founder and former Chair of the Life Committee of the Reinsurance Association of America. She is a former director and present member of the Association of Life Counsel, a group of life/health senior corporate counsel and their retained counsel. 

Mack has delivered more than 40 presentations on issues ranging from complex reinsurance claims, aggregation, occurrence, and allocation to annuity reinsurance and life securitization. She is a member of the Journal of Reinsurance’s Industry Advisory Board, and, for that publication, authors a quarterly column entitled “The Reinsurance Claims Executive’s Corner.”