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Courtney Miller  Taylor Brett

Adams and Reese attorneys Courtney Miller and Taylor Brett had their article “Louisiana Supreme Court Holds That There is No Substitute for a Signature When Probating a Lost Notarial Testament” published in the New Orleans Bar Association (NOBA) Blog.

“The Court’s decision in Succession of Morgan underscores the significance of ensuring that notarial wills are executed in proper form, and offers an important reminder for trust and estate lawyers to always make and retain copies of your clients’ signed testaments,” writes Miller and Brett.

“The failure to do so can result in grave consequences that cannot be remedied through testimony or ‘narrative affidavits’ attesting to the lost will’s compliance with the statutory form requirements, as was the case in Morgan. Ultimately, the Morgan decision dictates that there is no substitute for a signature when probating a lost notarial testament.”

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As a member of the Adams and Reese tax team, Miller focuses on estate and gift planning and succession law and provides counsel in corporate, matrimonial and charitable transactions and matters. Brett is a member of the Litigation Practice, representing clients across multiple industries, predominately in the energy and natural gas sectors. His work covers a broad spectrum of legal issues involving commercial disputes, as well as defending claims for personal injuries, chemical exposure, premises liability, and property damages.