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Adams and Reese Partner Jack Pringle, and team leader of the Privacy, Data Security and Information Governance practice, was featured in the MidlandsBiz Podcast Series as he discussed data breaches and how front-page breaches such as the one that took place at Target have transformed the corporate landscape and, with it, the role of general counsel within companies, and what steps businesses should take to evaluate the benefits and risks on use of information.

Pringle is a Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP-US), and he advises clients on the retention, collection, management, and production of electronically stored information and assists clients with information security breach response. He also provides advice on how to implement processes that prevent and detect breaches.

The podcast series is the business newspaper’s mission to support leadership in Giving Back, Diversity, Entrepreneurship, Continuous Education, the Knowledge Economy and the Arts.

This past April, Adams and Reese launched its Privacy, Data Security and Information Governance practice to bring together attorneys from several practices and industries to serve clients’ needs in emerging issues related to the legal and business challenges associated with the effective management of critical information.

“Information is the lifeblood of any organization,” Pringle said. “In the age of big data, a successful company must utilize its data assets wisely in order to deliver value to its owners, business partners, and customers.”

In addition, a rapidly evolving legal and regulatory landscape places significant privacy and information security requirements on businesses. “All enterprises must protect their sensitive information, as well as that of their employees, customers, and business partners, from unauthorized disclosure and misuse,” Pringle said.

Pringle said the consequences for failing to safeguard sensitive information are severe, from not only a legal and financial perspective, but also because of the significant and lasting injury to brand and reputation that follows.

Adams and Reese attorneys on the Privacy, Data Security and Information Governance team draw upon their experience in intellectual property (IP), commercial and class-action litigation, health care, banking, employment and other areas, to help clients comply with the privacy and security requirements applicable to their businesses, in order to  manage and protect information effectively. The team assists clients in their compliance with state, federal, and international laws and standards regulating the collection, use, sharing, and protection of information.