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In an article published in Security Magazine on July 8, Roy Hadley is quoted discussing challenges and best practices with privacy and security, as new risks and challenges are constantly evolving.

“The biggest potential legal risk is how do you, and how can you—and even can you—comply from a business standpoint with all of those various state statutes and governances around these very critical issues,” says Roy. “There’s going to be this plethora of regulations out there and the expense of trying to comply because there isn’t any overriding federal legislation is going to be more and more burdensome on businesses.”

While it is imperative to have a plan in place, it is even more important to practice that plan a few times a year to ensure a proper strategy is in place and that it is able to be executed. “The time to figure out how you’re going to react under live fire is not when the bullets are flying by your head,” Roy notes.

Educating your organization, employing manual processes and having a holistic mindset are just a few of the best practices that Roy discusses. While no one can stop every threat, having a holistic mindset of security allows one to have an abundance of security precautions in place so when a breach does occur, the damage is lessened and there can be a quicker recovery period.

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