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Jeff Richardson, Adams and Reese Partner and author of the legal tech blog, was interviewed on the Mac Power Users’ June 11 show, “MPU Live: My Machine Just Kernel Panicked,” in which he discussed the Apple Watch, Dropbox,, photo workflows meal planning, and several other Apple devices.

Mac Power Users is a podcast for users of Apple devices.

Richardson is well known in the legal tech industry for his website which helps lawyers who use iPhones and iPads in their practice.

Founded in 2008, iPhoneJD has been named the best legal technology blog more than once by the ABA Journal. Richardson launched the blog to explore lawyerly uses for the iPhone, which he describes in his bio as the “perfect handheld device” he’s been searching for since the late 1980s. Richardson has served as an adjunct professor at Tulane University, teaching “Computers and the Law.”

Richardson’s legal practice focuses on defending companies sued in class actions and complex litigation, as well as appellate litigation.