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Jeff RichardsonAdams and Reese Partner Jeff Richardson was a special guest on Legal Talk Network on the show, “The All-Mac Edition: The Episode for Mac-Curious Attorneys.”

Richardson joined host Adriana Linares, a law practice consultant and podcast host of “New Solo Podcast, along with fellow guest Brett Burney, E-Discovery Consultant of Burney Consultants. The episode discusses the pluses and minuses of choosing a Mac instead of a PC, recommendations on Macs, and other Apple technology to use if you are a lawyer or other professional trying to get work done.

“In my personal law practice, I have gone back and forth. When I started up my law firm, we were an all-Mac law firm, which was very rare at the time and especially rare for large law firms,” said Richardson. “But we then switched in the early 2000s to a PC environment for all of the reasons that I know that we will discuss today that for large law firms, it often makes sense to have PCs. So as we sit here today, I use a Mac at home. Whenever I’m working on anything at home or playing at home, I have my Mac, I have my PC in my office and then I have my Apple mobile technology, my iPads and my iPhones. So I use a little bit of everything and can talk about just about everything.”

In 2008, Richardson created, the oldest and largest website for attorneys who use iPhones and iPads. With tens of thousands of readers, Richardson is well known for sharing his knowledge with attorneys around the country and the world. His blog has frequently been named the best legal technology website, and the ABA Journal made iPhone J.D. part of its Blawg Hall of Fame.

Richardson practices in the New Orleans office of Adams and Reese, where he represents clients in litigation, including class actions, complex litigation, and appellate litigation. Richardson is an Appellate Practice Specialist, certified by the Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization, and he is one of only 14 attorneys in Louisiana with that certification. A member of the Product Liability Advisory Council, he also defends clients in high-stakes product liability litigation.