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"Amazon Prime forever changed consumers' expectations regarding the concept of timely delivery," says Grant Guillot in a guest article for the Transportation Lawyers Association's April 2019 issue of The Transportation Lawyer.

"As consumers come to expect nearly instantaneous deliveries, transportation and logistics companies across the world will be driven to follow Amazon's lead and utilize unmanned aerial vehicles, also known as unmanned aerial systems or drones to deliver goods and to perform other operations, lest these companies risk losing market share to competitors." 

In the rest of his piece, Grant explores various uses of drones in the transportation and logistics industry, from store-to-consumer shipping, inventory management and claims and returns. He provides an update on the complicated, complex regulatory environment, including updates on federal, state and local laws regarding drone usage.

Lastly, Grant explores factors that may be accelerating the integration of drone technology into the transportation and logistics industry, from federal pilot programs to proposed rules that may shape drone usage over time.

Read the full article, shared here with permission of Transportation Lawyer.