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Chris Kane, Adams and Reese Partner and a member of the Crisis Preparedness and Response Team, appeared as a special guest on the RoofersCoffeeShop podcast, Roofing Road Trips. RoofersCoffeeShop is a roofing industry news website for technology, information, and everyday business for contractors.

Kane provides insights into how communities and businesses can better prepare for and respond to hurricane season, which started June 1. Kane discusses strategic planning, community resilience, and the role of leadership in navigating the challenges posed by severe weather events.

The first thing businesses can do, said Kane, is to ensure they enact or update their business emergency and preparedness plan. “If you do something in writing, then you’re more likely to achieve it. And there’s nothing truer to that than an emergency and preparedness plan,” said Kane. “If you have a plan, it’s easy to follow rather than winging it and following through without a strategic plan in place. Put in the action steps you will take for your company and your employees when an alert of weather crisis occurs.”

Kane and the Adams and Reese Crisis Preparedness and Response Team recently authored an article, “Before the Storm – Tips on Business Preparation for Hurricane Season.”

In addition to tips such as review your business emergency and preparedness plan, the team also suggested to establish a communications plan, designate a disaster recovery team, review insurance coverage and policies, document and back up data, and understand the recovery resources available at the local, state, and federal levels.

The Adams and Reese Crisis Preparedness and Response Team assist businesses, economic development organizations, and individuals with proactive disaster planning for events such as hurricanes. Our experience, with team members positioned across the Southeast and DC, enables our attorneys and advisors to perform post-natural disaster relief counseling in the event of an unanticipated weather event such as a tornado or flood. We address issues including insurance claims, business interruption, liability, employment issues, and related litigation that may arise following a severe weather event.