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Adams and Reese attorneys Mark Beebe and Jeff Surprenant were recently featured in the October 2022 edition of the Defense Counsel Journal, authoring an article for the International Association of Defense Counsel (IADC) regarding the risks of navigating business sanctions in countries actively experiencing armed conflict. 

In their article, “Navigating Sanctions and The Legal Risks of Armed Conflict”, Beebe and Surprenant outline and analyze threats posed to businesses existing in, and subject to the sanctions of, nations engaged in armed conflict. The piece also considers the legal implications under domestic and international law implicated by the armed conflicts that often give rise to the imposition of sanctions. 

The article dives into topics relevant to the implementation and intensification of these sanctions by framing its narrative around Russia’s annexation of Crimea from Ukraine in 2014. By analyzing the global fallout of this act and comparing it to Russia’s 2022 armed conflict with Ukraine, Beebe and Surprenant are able to comprehensively detail the risks that come with navigating these sanctions within this international conflict. 

This publication follows IADC’s 2022 International Corporate Counsel College, held in Vienna, where the two were featured as panelists. This event brought together in-house counsel and their law firm counterparts for two days of education and discussion on the latest legal issues affecting global companies 

Mark Beebe serves as IDAC’s 2022-2023 President. Founded in 1920, the IADC strives to serve and benefit its members, the legal profession, and the civil justice system by enhancing the development of skills, professionalism, diversity, and camaraderie in the practice of law. IADC is the preeminent legal organization for superior advocates representing corporate and insurance interests throughout the world.