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Adams and Reese Jacksonville Office Partner in Charge Leslie Wickes was featured in a special Jacksonville Business Journal diversity section article, “Adams and Reese Partner Leslie Wickes is Paving the Way for Diversity,” published on March 27. Wickes has received many honors for her work to enhance the workplace for women and said that, while she has spent the majority of her career working with intelligent white males, she is energized by working with people from a variety of backgrounds with different perspectives and interests.

As partner in charge of the Adams and Reese Jacksonville office, Wickes expands on her desire to have a more diverse workplace by also focusing on meeting the legal needs of all of her clients. “A homogeneous law firm cannot possibly be as creative as a group of people who have had diverse experiences and backgrounds,” she said.

Wickes said the law firm practices the belief that appreciation for the unique differences among attorneys enhances service to their clients and also enriches the lives of both their employees and the communities that they work and live with.

“I believe that it adds enormous value not only by creating a happier workplace,” Wickes said, “but also by encouraging innovative approaches to serving the needs of our firm’s clients.”