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Diana SurprenantIn recognition of Women’s History Month, Adams and Reese is pleased to feature female leaders at our law firm and several of our partner executives leading their businesses in various industries.

Adams and Reese Partner Diana Surprenant is the Products Liability Practice Team Leader. She guides clients in oil and gas, construction, manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare, and pharmaceutical arenas.

What is the best advice you received throughout your career?

The best advice comes from my dad. He told me, ‘All you can do is your best.’ The practice of law can be stressful, challenging, and unpredictable. But I know that clients are well-served when I am doing my best.”

What is the biggest professional hurdle you overcame, and what did you learn from it?

One of the biggest professional hurdles I overcame was passing the Louisiana bar exam when I had no prior experience with Louisiana law, did not attend law school in Louisiana, and never even lived in Louisiana. I learned that with hard work and determination any challenge can be overcome.

Another professional hurdle was performing my first cross examination of an expert. I had to learn about a subject I was completely unfamiliar with, make it understandable to lay people, and make concise points through cross examination. My hard work paid off when the ruling came out and cited the testimony I had elicited from the expert.”

What does Women's History Month mean to you?

Women’s History Month is a time to reflect upon and celebrate the accomplishments of women of the past who have paved the way so that women of the future have an opportunity for success.”