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Leslie HenryIn recognition of Women’s History Month, Adams and Reese is pleased to feature female leaders at our law firm and several of our partner executives leading their businesses in various industries.

Adams and Reese Partner Leslie Henry is a litigator and trial lawyer of more than 25 years with a national practice advising oil and gas companies in toxic tort and environmental litigation. She served on the firm’s Executive and DEI committees. She works closely with young attorneys through our mentorship program. Leslie is a Texas Bar Foundation Fellow, one of the highest honors in the State Bar of Texas. Leslie is among New Orleans CityBusiness “Women of the Year”.

In 2022, Leslie was appointed to the USGA Executive Committee, and she was recently featured for her contributions to the sport of golf in Global Golf Post Biz – “The Ride Continues: Leslie Henry’s Golf Journey Takes Her to the USGA.”

What is the best advice you received throughout your career?

“The best advice was given to me by my Dad that the grass is not greener somewhere else. He also told me you have one great life to live and make the most out of each day!”

What is the biggest professional hurdle you overcame, and what did you learn from it?

“I represent oil and gas clients in a male-dominated field. The practice of law is consistently changing and as the only girl in the room, I was able to always have a place at the table. I am very proud of always having a voice and representing my clients to the best of my ability.”

What does Women’s History Month mean to you?

“When I first started private practice in 1995, one of my mentors was Sharon Stagg. She was one of the first female attorneys in California. When she first started her practice she would have to take the freight elevator to the courtroom because she could not enter in the front door. Sharon was a lot older than me, but her story always resonated. I am so thankful for the Sharon’s, the Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s of the world. 

Today, overall I feel so proud as a female practicing law. I watch the brilliant young female attorneys, practice and manage their families with equal help from their spouse. It is my greatest joy watching these young female attorneys become great advocates of their clients.”