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Recognized for our experience and multidisciplinary skill sets in litigation and transactions, our team draws on a deep knowledge base of global trade, logistics and multimodal transportation issues to serve regional, national and international clients. We fully understand and counsel on both the big-picture regulatory framework and the arcane but important rules that govern these dynamic and related industries.

We also advise clients on contracts and help them with the many business challenges they face. We have experience working with carriers, shippers and the various intermediary entities, which gives us a panoramic perspective to help clients operate their business smoothly and prosperously.

Here are a few examples of the many types of matters we handle:

  • A global health care devices and products company based in the United States turned to us to conduct a thorough but cost-effective assessment of its domestic and global logistics arrangements. Among many other things, we helped the company roll out an important domestic bid and revamp its domestic distribution process, primarily in the trucking and intermodal transportation modes.
  • Our team counseled a client based in the Northeast on complex contract issues, insurance and liability requirements and other matters in helping the company analyze and negotiate separate global logistics arrangements for four different continents on which they conduct business. The client told us they appreciate our full understanding that different players operate differently in various parts of the world and that we adjust our strategic approach accordingly.
  • We represented a major shipper in a multimillion-dollar dispute over the shipment of an oil rig. In that case, our client paid a special intermediary to make logistical arrangements to deploy a fleet of 80 trucks to move the massive rig. But because of complications involving a pending acquisition, the intermediary failed to pay the trucking company and that carrier sued our client. By bringing our knowledge of the industry and litigation experience, we gained a complete jury verdict for our client in this payment dispute.


Our team constantly monitors emerging issues – such as cyber security concerns as high-tech logistics solutions continue to expand and in the face of tariffs and their impact on global trade – and we help clients take a proactive approach to these developments. While we serve as a go-to litigation team for many clients, we also advise on cost-effective ways to apply preventive measures in contracts and negotiations that can prevent costly litigation from occurring in the first place.

Defining Strengths

Our team counsels clients on global trade, transportation and logistics issues relating to the entire supply chain. We represent motor carriers, shippers, freight and passenger air carriers, airports, rail carriers, capital providers, consulting companies, freight forwarders, brokers, third- and fourth-party logistics providers, customs brokers, warehouse operators, insurers, pipeline manufacturers, oil and gas companies, cargo ships, component part manufacturers and other companies.

In delivering service to our clients, we:

  • Serve as outside general counsel for national and regional motor carriers
  • Defend motor carriers in Fair Labor Standards Act class action, including claims involving the Motor Carrier Act exemption
  • Represent clients in Federal court for Department of Transportation and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration-initiated procedures
  • Counsel and defend motor carriers and shippers regarding environmental issues
  • Defend cargo claim litigation, specifically claims arising under Carmack Amendment standards of liability;
  • Draft, negotiate and litigate transportation agreements between motor carriers, shippers, freight forwarders and third- and fourth-party logistics providers
  • Represent buyers and sellers in mergers, acquisitions, consolidations, sales and roll-ups
  • Provide legal counsel and critical communications for maritime collisions, allisions, spills, explosions and other incidents that may include personal injury, property damage and/or environmental hazard
  • Represent clients in the negotiation of a variety of marine vessel sales and vessel construction contracts for major shipyards, owners and operators
  • Assist with necessary communications between the client and state and federal governmental agencies and tribunals and support the reporting and documentation required for licensing and certain labor and union issues as well as public financing and incentives
  • Arbitrate, mediate and litigate disputes associated with claims for oil pollution, charter parties, oil well liens, cargo loss or damage, salvage, limitation of liability, marine and energy insurance coverage issues, disputes arising from drilling, construction and financing agreements, federal compensation claims (USL&H), maritime liens, vessel mortgages, towage, general average, collisions and allisions, personal injury and death, property damage and economic loss
  • Represent clients with respect to a purchase, sale, or lease agreements
  • Draft, negotiate and litigate transportation agreements between air carriers and shippers
  • Assist aviation clients and their customers with litigation relating to air cargo loss and damage claims, pricing disputes, and negligence claims
  • Advise aviation clients on taxation, environmental and regulatory compliance issues
  • Handle employment and discrimination lawsuits
  • Manage contract disputes, including the interpretation of the rail carrier’s Rule Circular
  • Defend cargo loss and damage claims;
  • Handle personal injury and property damage claims asserted by third parties
  • Represent railroads and their insurers in connection with personal injury claims brought by employees under the Federal Employers' Liability Act
  • Represent railroads in contract disputes between railroads, third-party logistics providers, and other modal carriers