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Clients know that dealing with the government on any level can be both rewarding and unnerving. They also know they need lawyers and government relations professionals who understand the system. 

Our clients tell us that they retain our team for several reasons, and three stand out. First, we understand and know the inner workings of government, with broad knowledge of the substantive issues that affect our clients – from sweeping federal legislation to intrusive federal regulations. Second, drawing from decades of experience in the trenches on Capitol Hill and inside various governing entities, we cultivate and maintain close personal relationships both in and outside the government. Third, we respond quickly and thoroughly to our clients’ needs, recognizing that they want and deserve well-versed attorneys and government relations professionals who can talk to them on their level.

These attributes help deliver outcomes such as these:

  • After three years of lobbying the Administration and Congress, we were able to execute a strategy to push past legislative roadblocks and get a loan forgiveness measure passed worth $390 million for our clients, four Historically Black Colleges and Universities. The effort made headlines and was commented on in the Oval Office.
  • Our team advanced an Army Corps of Engineers infrastructure project that received over $1 billion in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. To do that, we systematically worked the project through the committees and the Administration to secure additional funding in multiple federal appropriations bills.
  • We significantly elevated the federal profile of a financial service trade association on Capitol Hill. Before our efforts, the client wasn’t recognized by members of Congress. Now, there are members of Congress who seek the views of the client on any proposed financial services legislation that might affect their industry.

"The Adams and Reese Government Relations attorneys and advisors are very much in the know, and when I'm able to go to D.C., they get meetings for us with all the right people. They've been doing it for a long time, and they have a great reputation." – Cynthia Lee-Sheng, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana councilwoman.


We counsel and represent national and global corporations, local companies, individuals, municipalities and other governmental entities, universities and varied nonprofit organizations, and regional coalitions. Our team serves these clients in a range of needs involving substantive lobbying, federal representation and congressional oversight. We deliver legal counsel and business advice promptly and cost-efficiently, placing the best member of our team on a matter, while maintaining appropriate staffing, and we never over-staff.

We know how to lobby and we understand the ins-and-outs of government because many of us served in government – as legislators, government staff members and other public officials -- giving us insight and angles that best position clients to overcome strategic and organizational challenges and move their businesses forward. Our team closely tracks and analyzes federal legislation and any regulatory moves that might carry ramifications for clients. Then we proactively reach out to communicate with our clients about those changes or proposed changes. We’re focused on helping our clients get out in front of the issues before they arise.

Defining Strengths

Among other functions, our lawyers and government relations professionals put their skills, experience and knowledge base to work to:

  • Analyze specific business and other strategic objectives
  • Evaluate and manage political risks
  • Promote interests before government departments, agencies and legislative bodies, in the diplomatic community and in broader policy arenas
  • Undertake research and policy analysis, draft or deliver testimony, and prepare and distribute formal and informal advocacy material
  • Draft, monitor, promote and report on legislation
  • Build grassroots support and address cross-jurisdictional policy issues by working with our state and local governmental relations professionals